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Antique Victorian Yellow Citrine Glass Faceted Oval Brooch Pin

Antique Victorian Yellow Citrine Glass Faceted Oval Brooch Pin

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A faceted glass brooch with a honey-like citrine color.

The oval-cut glass has a smooth peak from the edge to the front, and has beautiful scale-like facets throughout, and is secured with nails at 12 points from the brass frame.

This is a very old brooch, probably produced around 1850 or earlier.

The pin is about 3mm longer than the individual, relatively thick, and has a pointed tip.

There are some small scratches and wear on the glass surface, and the hands and base are partially discolored.

We gave it a rough cleaning at the store, but the darkening is due to oxidation over time, and it has a lovely aged appearance that brings out the antique flavor as expected.

The hands are opened 90 degrees to ensure stable hinge movement and the depth of the clasp for a click.

This is a wonderful brooch that allows you to enjoy the beauty of old things to the fullest.It's a lovely antique bijou that you'll want to stare at forever.

 Since the width of the needle and the individual is wide, there is a possibility that it will not face the front if attached to thin fabric.Please select Brooch Supporter as an option according to your preference.Also, the needle is relatively thick.Please note that it is not suitable for silk or thin fabrics.


  • Material:Brass, Glass
  • Size: W: 2.8cm L: 2.3cm D: 1.7cm
  • Weight: 18g
  • Clasp: C clasp
  • Age: approx. 1850s
  • Imported from: UK
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