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Antique 1920s Sterling Silver Morpho Butterfly Wing Brooch

Antique 1920s Sterling Silver Morpho Butterfly Wing Brooch

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This is a Morpho butterfly wing brooch produced in the 1920s.

The fantastic and beautiful cobalt blue wings are clearly visible.The wing veins are shown, reminding us that it was a large and beautiful butterfly.Depending on how the light hits it, colors of blue, pink, orange, and black appear.

When observed with a 30x magnifying glass, it is partially visible.There are peeling scales and very small scratches on the dome-shaped glass surface. There is also some black patina on the rear surface.

The C clasp of the clasp was slightly wider, so I had it adjusted at the store. There is no distortion of the needle.

The size is just right and the silver construction makes it lightweight, so you can use it without worrying about the weight of the brooch. It will add a beautiful accent to knits, cardigans, cotton shirts, etc.

  • Material:Silver, Glass, Morpho Butterfly Wing
  • Size: W: 2.7cm L: 2.2cm 
  • Weight:  5.75g
  • Clasp: C clasp
  • Age: approx.1920s
  • Country of origin : England


"Butterfly Wing"

Morpho butterflies live in the southern United States and have large wings for the body.Many insects turn black and lose their brilliance when they die, but the reason why this butterfly wing is blue is that the comb-shaped scales on the surface of the wing cause light interference, not the pigment. is.Most have blue wings, and females have brown or plain-colored wings with little bluish tint.

Accessories using these wings were very popular from the early 1900s to the 1960s, leading to overhunting of butterflies. Furthermore, even in modern times, due to tree cutting in South America, the number of host plants for Morpho butterflies has drastically decreased, and in some areas, Morpho butterflies have become extinct.

real butterfly wings(Morpho butterfly, usually of South America)Among the rich blue accessories made using2There were popular designs of sorts.1.What highlights the beauty and simplicity of color(photo type)And2.It is a beautiful scene art work with the silhouette and outline of the painting reversely drawn on the inside of the glass cabochon and placed on the butterfly's wings on the front side. Butterfly wing jewelry was made into charms, brooches, bracelets, earrings, and pendants.


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