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Antique 1900s Edwardian Crow Set Paste Gemstone Lace Pin Brooch

Antique 1900s Edwardian Crow Set Paste Gemstone Lace Pin Brooch

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A lovely bar brooch produced during the Edwardian period in the 1900s.

Eight paste glasses are gradually claw-set on a brass body.

Paste glass is made by mixing precious stones such as diamond with powdered glass, lead, etc., and heating and reforming.In Europe at that time, such imitation stone jewelery became popular instead of expensive precious stone jewelery, and then the costume jewelry culture flourished.

The body of the small brooch has been carefully crafted by craftsmen.The brass body that serves as the pedestal raises innumerable claws and forms a support that supports eight cabochons.In addition, the side surface has a wavy pattern, so you can enjoy the beautiful profile of the brooch not only from the front but also from the side.

The C clasp of the clasp is welded directly to the body, and a hook with a certain depth securely holds the needle.The needle also has a moderate elasticity and opens and closes smoothly.

There are some antique wear and dull cabochons, but the overall condition is lovely.You can use it for a long time.


  • material: paste·Glass, brass
  • Size: Length: 4 cm (centimeters); Width: 1 cm (centimeters)
  • 重量: 3.5g
  • Fastener: C clasp
  • Age: 1900s
  • Country of origin: England
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