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Antique 1930s Art Deco Natural Coral Beads & French Jet Flapper Necklace

Antique 1930s Art Deco Natural Coral Beads & French Jet Flapper Necklace

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charmingArt Deco Era Coral Beads & French Jet Glass Flapper Necklace.

Top quality natural coral and french jet necklace. . .If you wear it, you will be wrapped in a sense of exhilaration that makes you feel like you have traveled back in time to the past.

A long necklace is the perfect 1930s flapper style. The contrast of two colors is an iconic and sophisticated design.Black French jet spacers are effectively placed, and undyed natural corals are linked like nuts to create a stylish collection.

Although it is antique, there is no damage to all beads,Stringing is in very good condition. 

It has been rough cleaned at the shop and is ready to wear immediately.


  • Materials: French jet, natural coral beads, glass beads, raw silk
  • Size: Necklace length: 101cm Largest bead size: 1.3cm
  • 重量:  61.33g
  • Age: Around the 1930s
  • Country of origin:France (estimated)


[Black Jet]

Birthstone: August 8, 21st August

black ball(Kokugyoku, jet) is formed by fossilized trees over many years in the water.However, it is not a resin like amber, but a fossil of the tree trunk itself.Although it is a type of lignite, it is treated as a gemstone and is very soft and light, and has a unique soft luster.When it dries, it may crack, and of course it is lignite, so it will burn if it catches fire, so care must be taken when storing it.

[Powerstone: Powerstone]

It is a famous stone that Queen Victoria of England used as a jewelery for morning when she was in mourning for her husband, Prince Albert.It became a pandemic among British aristocratic women as the Queen encouraged women who had an audience with her to wear jets.Heals emotions such as anger and sadness, Brings calm to the mind Effect .

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