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Antique Early Victorian 9ct Gold Amethyst Diamond Paste Brooch

Antique Early Victorian 9ct Gold Amethyst Diamond Paste Brooch

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Antique lace pin from the 19th century.

A very small 1837ct gold pin brooch, probably produced in the early Victorian period (1901-9), with a lovely cluster of amethyst and diamond paste stones. The cabochon is directly fitted onto a 9ct gold base, glued, and attached with a tiny nail clasp.

Due to its age, there is no hallmark, but it has been verified to be 9ct gold by acid testing. When observed with a 30x magnifying glass, the surface of the cabochon shows scratches due to wear. Also, some paste stones have turned black due to oxidation. There are also small dents on the rear surface.

Paste stone is made by powdering precious stones, lead, and glass and reshaping them at high temperatures.It is an imitation stone that imitates expensive precious stones. At this time, real stones were very expensive, and a lot of paste stone jewelry was produced.

This small pin brooch was probably held in place by the ladies of the time with cute pins to prevent the lace from falling off. Even if they weren't made of expensive stones, pins and brooches made of gold must have filled you with a secret sense of luxury.

  • Material: 9ct Gold, Amethyst & Diamonds Paste
  • Size: W: 1.562cm L: 1.150cm 
  • Weight:1.82g
  • Clasp: C clasp
  • Age: approx.1830s
  • Country of origin : England
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