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Anna's Purple Emerald

Antique 1916 9ct Rose Gold Diamond & Amethyst Ring (Full English Hallmarks)

Antique 1916 9ct Rose Gold Diamond & Amethyst Ring (Full English Hallmarks)

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1916ct Rose produced in Chester in 9Gold amethyst & diamond boat ring.

A very gorgeous antique ring with 3 amethyst claws on the front and 8 diamonds embedded around it.

The Air Line (window) in the gallery part makes the gems that capture the light dazzle.

In beautiful conditions that do not seem to be antique, the luster of rose gold and the lively brilliance of amethyst that flashes are very attractive.

Since the ring is seamless from the shoulder to the face, it does not interfere with the movement at hand and is easy to use.

It is a beautiful purple amethyst antique ring that you can enjoy coloring by layering it with other rings and also looking forward to coordinating with nails.

Since it is a very old antique, we will provide it in a polished state by stone fixing by a professional craftsman this time.


  • Material: 9ct rose gold (standard mark; 375), diamond, amethyst
  • Size: No. 14 UK: O USA: 7.25 Ring diameter: 1.8cm
  • Weight: 2g
  • Maker's Mark: TSO
  • Assay Office Marks; Chester Country Flags; Chester 
  • Date Letter: Q; 1916
  • Country of origin: England

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Birthstone: February, February

People have appreciated amethyst for thousands of years.The ancient Egyptians probably carved animal shapes as a talisman of protection.It was also believed by the ancient Greeks to have the power to "prevent drunkenness."

Powerstone: Powerstone: Amethyst is considered to be a highly spiritual stone, and is said to have the effect of converting negative energy into positive.It can be expected to be effective as a talisman that enhances the sixth sense and protects oneself from evil things, deepens the bond of heart with an important person as a "guard stone of love", and fosters the strength to protect true love. Will be done.



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Powerstone: Powerstone

Diamonds are truly the king of gems.This crystal, which was created by withstanding the high pressure of magma deep inside the earth, is the hardest substance in gemstones.Because of its brilliance, diamonds symbolize unwavering beauty, unyielding spirit, victory and justice.Diamonds are indispensable as an engagement ring.15Since Maximilian I of Austria gave a diamond to his fiancée in Burgundy, France in the century, he has maintained a solid position as a "stone that promises love."

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