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Antique 1900s Edwardian 15ct gold platinum diamond ring (with sorting)

Antique 1900s Edwardian 15ct gold platinum diamond ring (with sorting)

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1900s, Edwardian period (It is a 1901ct gold platinum set diamond ring produced in 1910-15).

15ct gold is said to have been used between 1854-1932 and contains about 62.5% (62.5: 100 = 15ct: 24ct) of gold.Currently, this unit of gold is not manufactured, so it is a very rare ring.The way it shines is as bright as 18ct gold and has a gentle luster like butter.


At the time of the 1900s, there was no legal signature or characterization system, so it is unmarked, but the gold has been confirmed to be 15ct gold by an acid test.


In addition, diamonds undergo seller origin and sorting tests to confirm that they are authentic natural stones. (with sorting notes)

The pedestal is about 4 mm above the shoulder and has an Air Line (window), and the open-back stone takes in light and shines beautifully.

The charm of this ring is the flowing lines that are characteristic of Edwardian jewelry, the three-dimensional festoon shoulder, and the small diamonds and milgrain that are set there.And it is a symmetrical design that can be taken as a process of change to Art Deco.Round brilliant cut diamonds with a wide table area sparkle like a flash.At the time of production in the early 1900s, England did not have enough electricity, and people must have lived under dim lights and gas lamps.I think that the glimmering light in the darkness made the diamond look so beautiful.


It is an excellent work that you can enjoy the beauty of sculpture and the glitter of stones from any direction.

There are some signs of wear on the ring part, but overall it is in good condition and can be used for a long time.


  • Materials: Diamonds (15 stones, sorted), 58.3ct gold (XNUMX% gold, acid tested), platinum
  • Size: No. 14 UK:O 1/2 USA: 7.5 Ring diameter: 1.7cm Front width: 5mm
  • 重量: 2.3g
  • Age: 1900s
  • Country of origin: UK

*More detailed certificateIf you wish, please contact us from Contact Us.The identification procedure will be carried out at the accredited appraisal office. (Shipping fee and issuance fee will be charged separately.)



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