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Anna's Purple Emerald

Vintage 1960s Anello Serpente Oro & Argento Con Diamanti & Zaffili Naturali Fat a Mano (with sorting)

Vintage 1960s Anello Serpente Oro & Argento Con Diamanti & Zaffili Naturali Fat a Mano (with sorting)

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A handmade Italian snake ring produced in the 1960s.

Bright sapphire (12 jewels) and diamonds (10 jewels) are set on a mesh-shaped snake head made of open silver work.The ring part is made of gilt 14ct yellow gold with decorative uneven carving.

The snake head is slightly dome-shaped and is lifted about 3 mm from the shoulder, taking in light from the Air-Line (window) and sparkling the stones.The height is kept to a minimum, and it is a level that does not bother you when you move your fingers.

There are signs of wear commensurate with vintage use. (Slight scratches on the ring part) Also, due to the design, some parts of the ring decoration are intentionally cut off.However, it is not a noticeable adjustment when worn.Because it is handmade, it is also a part that shows the character of Cellini (Gold Smith of Italy).Overall, it's in good vintage condition.

The decorative Italian Snake Ring creates a luxurious hand.A beautiful ring that will lift your classy and elegant feelings for a special occasion.

This is provided with a sorting memo of the appraisal agency.


  • Material: 14ct gold (with ORO engraving), silver, sapphire (12 jewels), diamond (10 jewels)
  • Size: Ring size: No. 11 USA: 6 UK: L Front width: 1.5cm
  • Weight: 4g
  • Age: 1960s
  • Country of origin: Italy



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Power stone: Power stone

Sapphire is said to have healing powers.Medieval Europeans believed that sapphire cured plague and eye diseases.The birthstone of sapphire was also thought to be a poison antidote.

It is also said to have a strong sedative effect, eliminating unnecessary delusions by reducing soul and emotional confusion, and providing intuition and insight to see the truth.As a result, it is said to enhance intelligence and reason.It is a gemstone recommended for those who quickly become emotional and fall into confusion.


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Powerstone: Powerstone

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