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Anna's Purple Emerald

Ametrine & Lucky Ribbon Curved Long Metal Earrings

Ametrine & Lucky Ribbon Curved Long Metal Earrings

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Long metal earrings with different colors of ametrine that sway slightly.The studs have a small crystal ribbon to add cuteness.In addition, because it uses a stainless steel post, it is light and durable, and it is also compatible with metal allergies.
  • Material: Ametrine (natural), metal, stainless steel piercing post,
  • Size: 6cm (including hook)
  • Fasteners: studs
  • This is our original handmade item.Not vintage.



Birthstone: Libra Birthstone: Libra (September 23 --October 22)

Ametrine is also known as Tristin or Bolivian Nights. 

Natural ametrine is not a single mineral, but a mixed mineral that combines quartz amethyst and citrine.Its commercial source is only one in the eastern Bolivian deposit near the border with Brazil.Ametrine is a medium dark orange to bright purple or purplish purple.

Power stone: Power stone

Ametrine"Asset""Power"Means.Ametrine first appeared in Europe16cIt is said that it was when the Spanish conqueror brought back ametrine from Bolivia. It is possible that in Europe it was not recognized as anything but a mixture of amethyst and citrine until a particularly impressive piece was brought back from the Americas.Therefore, ametrine1970It is a relatively new natural stone that began to appear on the market in the XNUMXs.

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