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Anna's Purple Emerald

Vintage gold plated drop earrings with carnelian droplet

Vintage gold plated drop earrings with carnelian droplet

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Cute carnelian pierced earrings that look like red nuts.

Mounted on a gold flower pedestal, it exudes organic charm. I think it will look seamless if you match it with similar eye and lip colors.

There is a natural dent in the cabochon, and there is some chipping at the bottom. (Already reflected in the price)

  • Material:Carnelian, Metal
  • Size: W: 1cm L: 3.2cm 
  • Weight: 6g
  • Clasp:Hook ear fastenings
  • Age: 1940s
  • Country of origin : England


Birthstone: July

Carnelian is a type of chalcedony. Colors range from yellow-orange to deep reddish-orange to orange-brown. They also vary from semi-transparent to highly transparent. This tint can darken the red tone when the iron is oxidized (sometimes due to the heat of the sun). Most carnelian comes from India, but it is mined almost all over the world. Also included are Brazil, Egypt and Uruguay.

[Powerstone: Powerstone]

When you have a goal you want to achieve, carnelian will increase your positivity, shake off your doubts, and give you the courage to achieve your hope. It is said to provide powerful support to people who are starting a new business or are deciding to change jobs, and it is said to help them overcome the troubles and anxiety they encounter when starting something new.

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