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Anna's Purple Emerald

Vintage 1930s Silver & Amethyst Pealen Oringe

Vintage 1930s Silver & Amethyst Pealen Oringe

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Drop dangle earrings with 3 pale amethyst links.

A beautiful design with delicate silver work that retains the atmosphere of the Art Deco period.Pale purple colored amethyst shows inclusions.There are also small scratches and signs of wear that can be seen with a loupe.The screw of the clasp is made of silver (#830) and has a sturdy construction that rotates smoothly and stays securely.However, we recommend that you tighten the screw until the end to prevent it from falling off.

It is about XNUMX cm long, and when worn, the tip comes to the side of the chin.The pale amethyst sways and gives a gentle atmosphere around your face.


  • Material: Silver (# 830 engraved), Amethyst (tested by machine test at seller and our shop)
  • Size: W:Ø1.1cm L: 5.9cm (including hook)
  • 重量:12.0g
  • Fastener: Screw
  • Age: Around the 1930s
  • Country of origin: Germany



Birthstone: February, February

People have appreciated amethyst for thousands of years.The ancient Egyptians probably carved animal shapes as a talisman of protection.It was also believed by the ancient Greeks to have the power to "prevent drunkenness."


Power stone:Powerstone: Amethyst is considered to be a highly spiritual stone and is said to have the effect of turning negative energy into positive.It can be expected to be effective as a talisman that enhances the sixth sense and protects oneself from evil things, deepens the bond of heart with an important person as a "guard stone of love", and fosters the strength to protect true love. Will be done.

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