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Antique 1890s 15ct Gold Victorian Seed Pearl & Turquoise Nautical Pin Brooch in Original Presentation Box

Antique 1890s 15ct Gold Victorian Seed Pearl & Turquoise Nautical Pin Brooch in Original Presentation Box

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An antique seed pearl and turquoise pin brooch produced during the Victorian era in 1890.

Surrounded by turquoise and seed pearl circlesAnchor = anchor motif means HOPE = hope.On the anchorIt is a symbolic design in which twisted gold ropes are entwined.

This brooch is from Plymouth, southwest EnglandPlymouth) Produced by Jeweler.PlymouthIt is one of the UK's leading port cities and is known as an important port of the Royal Navy.Probably a special piece of jewelry given by a naval officer for a wife or lover who is far away for a voyage.

The charm of this jewelery is the message transmitted from the overall design and the high technology.The focus is on the delicate gold work of the rope.An extra-fine gold wire is wrapped around the thin metal core without any gaps to make it look like a woven rope.The wire is so thin that I checked the structure and shape many times with a loupe and was very surprised by the high technology.There is an SC stamp on the back of the circle.Probably signed by the maker.

Turquoise and seed pearls are set alternately with 13 stones each and have small claws.The pedestal, rope and safety chain of the circle are 15ct gold.

15ct gold is said to be the gold level used between 1854-1932 and contains about 58.3% (58.3: 100 = 15ct: 24ct) of gold.Currently, this unit of gold is not manufactured and is very rare.It does not shine like 18ct gold, but it has a light and gentle luster.It has been tested to wash 18ct gold with 15ct gold.It is not uncommon to do this to give a certain higher grade of luster and increase strength.

 Overall it is in very good antique condition.Since it is in a box, you can hardly feel the feeling of use.There are some small scratches on the back side of the circle, but you can see the stability of the fastener joints and the seating of the C clasp and the needle.The needle is about 5 mm longer than the main body and is slightly warped upward.Perhaps it is a device to avoid getting stuck in your finger when putting on and taking off.

 This will be provided in the original presentation box of the time.The jeweler in the box is T. BICKLE from Union Street in Plymouth.


  • Material: 15ct gold, freshwater pearl, turquoise
  • Size: W: (Diameter) 19mm D: 12mm (Thickness)
  • Weight: 4.4g
  • Fasteners: C clasp, safety chain included
  • Age: 1890s
  • Country of origin: England



Birthstone: June, June


Pearls are simple and purely organic.Its minerals consist of calcium and carbonate and are either naturally produced in mollusks such as marine and freshwater shellfish or cultivated by humans with great care.Shiny, smooth and subtle colored pearls are a staple of jewelry, especially as necklaces.


Power stone: Power stone

Pearls have been around for a long time"Purity","Humility"And"Innocence"Was related to. In other words, 6The meaning of the moon birthstone is ""sweet simplicity"-"Sweet simplicity"You can say. As a result, pearls have traditionally been given as wedding gifts.The ancient Sanskrit text ""Atharvaveda"-"Atharvaveda"It was said that pearls bring longevity and prosperity.Also in Asia, pearls were believed to help relieve indigestion and bleeding.



Birthstone: December December

Turquoise has shades of translucent to opaque blue to green.Veins (formated rock debris) like the Matrix (Spider Web) pass through the stone.This December birthstone has been cherished for thousands of years.Pharaohs and other rulers of ancient Egypt dressed in it, and Chinese artisans carved it over 12 years ago.It also decorates the death mask of King Tutankhamen of Egypt.Turquoise has been mined in Iran's Nishapur district for over 3000 years.The uniform dark blue turquoise that is highly regarded in the region is called "Robin Egg Blue", "Sky Blue" or "Persian Blue".

Also, in European tradition, the gift of a turquoise ring means "remember me".Turquoise can be discolored by certain chemicals such as acids, cosmetics, and even skin oils and sweat.Turquoise jewelery is safe to wash with warm soapy water, but should not be washed with steam or ultrasonic cleaners.

[Powerstone: Powerstone]

Turquoise also brings peace to those who wear it.It was also thought to have many beneficial powers, such as guaranteeing health and good luck. 13Since the century, it has been thought to protect the wearer from falls (especially falling off horses) and was divided into several pieces as the disaster approached.Hindu mystics argued that seeing turquoise after seeing the new moon guaranteed great wealth.Also, turquoise is married11It is also a jewel of the anniversary.


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