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Anna's Purple Emerald

Opal Amethyst Cluster Band Ring

Opal Amethyst Cluster Band Ring

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A feminine ring with small amethysts and opals (Lab Create) alternately placed on the front to make it look like colorful frills.

You can enjoy various play-of-color effects such as white, green, and pink in Lab Create Opal, and it looks like a fantastic light in the sea.

The ring is silver with 14k gold overlay.The adjustable style allows you to enjoy wearing it on your favorite finger according to your mood and purpose.

Due to the handmade nature of the ring and stones, there will be individual differences.


  • Material: Opal (Lab Create), Amethyst, 14KG Silver
  • Size: Ring size: Adjustable from 11.5 Cabochon: 2.5-3mm Ring diameter: 2.1cm
  • Weight: 3g
  • Condition: NEW (new unused)
  • Country of Origin: Australia



Birthstone: February, February

People have appreciated amethyst for thousands of years.The ancient Egyptians probably carved animal shapes as a talisman of protection.It was also believed by the ancient Greeks to have the power to "prevent drunkenness."

Power stone:Powerstone: Amethyst is considered to be a highly spiritual stone and is said to have the effect of turning negative energy into positive.It can be expected to be effective as a talisman that enhances the sixth sense and protects oneself from evil things, deepens the bond of heart with an important person as a "guard stone of love", and fosters the strength to protect true love. Will be done.



Birthstone: October, October

For thousands of years, people have mined and cherished opals.And it influenced rich folklore.Natural opals are opalized fossils that grow by filling cavities in the ground, so ancient pieces of wood, bones, and shells buried in the ground have also been found. 

[Powerstone: Powerstone]

Opal unleashes creative abilities to achieve the hopes of the future.She shuts down the negatives from your life and creates a shield around you.Opal is also used for meditation.

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