What's the Sustainable Life Style?


"Sustainable lifestyle"Translated literally"Sustainable lifestyle".

So what"sustainable"is it?I'll talk about that later.

First in Japan"Sustainable"It was in 2015 that the expression began to attract attention."SDGs = Sustainable Development Goals"It was a big opportunity to adopt the international standard approach for the environment.

But before that, the international community had already begun global efforts for development.

In 1972, the Club of Rome announced the "Limits to Growth" and the United Nations Conference on the Environment (Stockholm Conference) held that year warned against global environmental development.according to it,"If population and industrial investment continue to grow, the earth's finite natural resources will be depleted, environmental pollution will progress beyond what nature can tolerate, and growth will reach its limit within 100 years. " It was a conclusion.

With this as an opportunity, the international community began to make great strides, but in Japan, awareness was still low and there was almost no system for concrete efforts.

In 2016, it was finally put together as a policy as the "SDGs Implementation Guidelines", and the guidelines for each citizen to make concrete efforts were announced.

To summarize the preface,2030 goals, 17 targets, and 169 indicators listed as the "232 Agenda" and "SDGs" harmonize the three aspects of the world's economy, society, and environment inseparably, and poverty without leaving anyone behind. It is an integrated effort to realize a sustainable world, such as eradication of disparities, and is a universal goal of the entire international community that both developed and developing countries should work on. ”There is.

However, the current evaluation of this initiative reveals that while Japan has a high degree of achievement in specific fields, there are still many areas where issues remain.

In particular, SDG12 (production / consumption), SDG13 (climate change), SDG17 (implementation method), SDG1 (poverty), and SDG10 (inequality) are evaluated to have issues in terms of achievement.

I think we can do something more with this most familiar task.

For that purpose, each person needs to acquire skills.In other words, we should think about contemporary and social issues from a global perspective, consider them as our own issues, and tackle them from a familiar place.Going further, there is a specific definition of "skill" by WHO.

"Life skills are abilities for adaptive and positive behavior, that enable us to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life" (to deal constructively and effectively with various problems and demands that occur in daily life. Required ability)

Looking at it this way, you can see that you can start your efforts from your own perspective.And I think that "sustainable lifestyle" can be explained with two meanings.

one,myselfCan be sustained in improving daily life.The other is to surround yourselfEnvironmentTo act in a sustainable harmony.

"Sustainable lifestyle"Is not a fashion or fashion, but a way of life that should become the daily life itself.