How to measure ring size

The size of the ring depends on your physical condition, age and which finger you want to wear the ring on.

Therefore, when you find a ring that interests you, first think about which finger you want to wear or which finger you can wear.

You can measure the size of your finger yourself.

One way to know the inner circumference of the ring that fits your finger is to measure the length around your finger.


[Knowing the size of the ring from the inner circumference of the ring]

① First,Select the finger you want to wear the ring on, wrap a piece of paper or thread around the thickest part of the finger (around the 2nd joint), and mark the overlapping part.Length between marks =Length around your finger= Fits your fingerInner circumference of the ring.

* The size of your finger may change depending on the time of measurement and your physical condition.Therefore, it is recommended to measure multiple times in different time zones and take the average value.

(XNUMX) Once you know the inner circumference, check it against the ring size table.

 Size Inner circumference
Inner diameter (mm)
5 No. 
45.0 14.4
6 No.
46.1 14.4
7 No. 
47.1 15.0
8 No.
48.2 15.4
9 No.
10 No.
50.3 16.0
11 No.
12 No.
13 No.
53.4 17.0
14 No.
54.5 17.4
15 No.
55.5 17.7
16 No.
56.6 18.0


Now you know your ring size.

Which finger do you wear, the ring you care about?

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