About Us

"purple emerald"Is a stone that doesn't really exist.
Like finding such a stone,
"I wish there was something like this."
We want you to pick up attractive items that you can think of.
For example ...

Vintage Tableware; Enjoy teatime with good old British vintage porcelain

Handcrafted Items; enjoy unique fashion with creative handcrafted accessories from emerging Italian artists

Antiques; Create a statement outfit with antique love token pieces

Vintages; Create your own original style with cute and playful vintage jewelry

Handmade Beauty Items; Handmade cotton pads that feel good after using them

Handmade Fabrics; handmade fabric items like your mom made them

We are trying to create a store where you can enjoy easy and sustainable shopping that fits seamlessly with modern lifestyles and fashion.
We are a select shop that selects high-quality vintage items from markets around the world and guides you through appropriate prices and methods.
Although the online shop is not a face-to-face sales method, there are no persistent solicitations or pushes, so you can enjoy shopping in the comfort of your own home with a tea cup in hand.
For that reason, we have explained the item in as much detail as possible, with size indications and enlarged images so that you can easily imagine the item.
All product photography uses natural light, no excessive lighting.
Depending on the time of day and the direction of light irradiation, the color may look slightly different from the actual product, but since it expresses the natural state as much as possible, please request your favorite angle and image of wearing. If you have any questions, feel free toContact usPlease contact us.We will do our best to accommodate your request.
In addition, we try to use plastic wrapping as much as possible (no vinyl or plastic packing materials *except for some home decor items).
Our gift wrapping paper is made from 100% recycled paper and all packaging materials are incinerable.We avoid excessive packaging, try to keep simple and beautiful packaging, and present it as an eco-friendly gift.By all means, we recommend it as a gift for those who have environmental issues and eco-consciousness.
We hope that you will take your time and enjoy easy and sustainable shopping.