vintage scarf

vintage scarf

Have you ever wondered what to wear in the morning when it feels a little chilly?

"It's still too hot to wear a sweater, and I think it will cool down in the evening, so it looks cold with just a shirt..."

Scarves are great for those occasions.

Around Roppongi today, I already saw a madam wearing a long-sleeved sweater and an animal print scarf.

A large scarf can be worn from the shoulders to the neck to keep you warm and add color to your simple outfit.If the material is silk, it can be used in various occasions regardless of the season.

All of the scarves currently available at the store are 100% silk and large size.Because it is vintage, you can enjoy the charm of a high-quality scarf at an affordable price.

the scarf collectionplease use this form.You can see from.

I think that you will surely find it useful during the season of changing clothes.

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