Valentine's Day Special Gift Package💝

Valentine's Day Special Gift Package💝

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Why not choose vintage and antique items as a gift for your loved ones or as a special Valentine's gift for yourself? 💝

Vintage and antique items have a different flavor from new items, unusual designs and materials that are no longer produced, and warmth that comes from being handmade rather than mass-produced.

If you look closely, you can feel the intentions of the creators of the past and the sophistication of their handiwork, and feel something like the warmth of human hands.

Second hand is gaining more and more attention due to the trend of sustainability.As a thoughtful adult gift, it will surely please.

We have prepared Valentine's Day Special Gift Package.

The previous 2nd Anniversary Special Gift Package was very well received.Therefore, we will refresh the contents and hold a special project this month as well.

All our wrapping materials are handmade in Europe.Felt heart charm and raspberry.It is a cute wrapping with a heartwarming handmade heart and fresh raspberry scent.

The wrapping service is free if the total shopping amount is 25000 yen or more.

Please take advantage of it.

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