Tips of shopping @ Anna's Purple Emerald

Tips of shopping @ Anna's Purple Emerald


Our concept is to realize "Easy-Sustainable Lifestyle" through shopping.We are trying to create a store that is conscious of vintage, reuse, handmade, ethical resources.Our idea of ​​"sustainable lifestyle" is to consider the healthy global environment and to maintain the sustainability of resources without discrimination between producers / suppliers and consumers.

We select and guide you to wonderful items from all over the world from the conditions and unique perspectives that meet them.

There are a wide variety of categories of goods handled in our shop.

The most notable categories are the respective collections categorized by country.We always do market research before buying vintage jewelery.The historical, geographic and cultural characteristics of the target country are very important in understanding jewelery and its value.Therefore, the necessary information is described on the product page.

Many of you may have known about our store on SNS, but if you focus on only one product that you are interested in from the post, you will be able to judge whether it is good or bad with little information.Therefore, we would like you to carefully consider while comparing the attractiveness of various items from each country.

When you visit our store, the first display will be from each collection.12We have adopted a carousel that allows you to list items.You can capture the characteristics of the collection by rolling the product photos horizontally.

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