The Power of Brooches

The Power of Brooches

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"The power of brooches" introduced in the e-mail magazine.

Thank you for reading the first translation of the BBC Business Daily featured dialogue, for visiting our brooch collection and for your purchase.

We have created a one-minute video of the brooches that are currently available at the store, selected according to the various everyday life that I imagined.

For those who are wondering what kind of brooch to wear on what day, I would be grateful if you could give me a little hint.

"The Power of Brooches"

  1. Blue Day-Bring blue to your side even on a blue day when you feel a little uncomfortable
  2. Unique Day-I feel a little different today
  3. Nostalgic Day-I've met nostalgic things and people from now on, I want to meet, I've met
  4. Good Day-Good Day!
  5. Special Day-Happy feelings, feelings that you want to attract everyone
  6. Lovely Day-It's going to be a wonderful day
  7. Cloudy Day-I'm hazy, but with a brooch for a change


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