Site Renew! - Site renewal!

Site Renew! - Site renewal!

Thank you for your continued support.

This time, we are celebrating the 12nd anniversary of the opening of the store, and we will renew the store site from Monday, December 12th.

We have renewed the show window style so far, and we have organized items by each product category and collection.

Instead of going directly to find the item you want to see and finding it from the shop window, you can see the target item while comparing it from the categorized entrance.

Many customers are accustomed to shopping at online shopping malls and shopping sites such as AMAZON. It is possible to transition directly to the product page from SNS, but we would like you to explore the items that suit your taste by knowing more about the world view of the shop.

We are very sorry for customers who are accustomed to the previous style, but as a result of reflecting the opinions of multiple customers and prioritizing ease of use, we have settled on this sorted search style. .

We will continue to make improvements so that you can enjoy the time trip to the vintage world even more.

We hope that you will continue to enjoy exciting and sustainable shopping at Anna's Purple Emerald. 😊


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