Repricing for Fine Jewelery Collection 1

Repricing for Fine Jewelery Collection 1

Fine Jewelery 1 Collection The price of some items has been reduced

Fine Jewelery I Collection is a handmade and sustainable fine jewelery using Lab Made Gem or Ethical Stone (*) and sterling silver.

A lineup where you can enjoy jewelry with colorful stones such as emeralds, opals, amethysts, and created diamonds at affordable prices.
This time, we have revised the price of some of the items we are handling.
Stackable band rings, natural emerald flower rings, and opal emerald flower rings are subject to this review.
However, please be assured that this is due to a change in the currency conversion method at the time of purchase and is not based on the quality or deterioration of the item.
Please note that other items will not be subject to this review due to differences in purchase timing.Thank you for your understanding.
Thank you for your continued support of the unique rings from the Fine Jewelery 1 Collection. 💐
Fine Jewelery Collection 1 isplease use this form.



* Sustainable refers to sustainable activities that take recycling, reuse, and the social environment into consideration.

Ethical stones are ethically and responsibly procured natural stones.They are "Modern Slavery Act"2015It is distributed through the natural stone industry in accordance with.

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