Renewal !! Collezione Laboratorio Orafo

Renewal !! Collezione Laboratorio Orafo


Thank you for visiting our store.

 We are pleased to announce that we have purchased directly from the goldsmith workshop in Italy-Rome and will deliver beautiful gold filled jewelery to everyone.

We will renew the previous "Collezione Laboratorio Orafo Italiano"-"Italian Goldsmith Workshop Collection" and show you carefully selected jewelry.

The technique of overlaying 18ct gold on sterling silver to create beautiful and strong gold jewelery has been handed down in Italy for a long time and is now used by jewelers around the world as "Vermeil".

Also, all gems use ethical and synthetic stones.Ethical stones are distributed in the market through an ethical production process in accordance with the "Modern Slavery Act 2015".Synthetic stones, on the other hand, are artificially synthesized stones that are chemically produced gems.These are the same ones already developed by the great brands of yesteryear and used in many jewelery.Lightweight and beautifully rasterized, synthetic stones, unlike glass, have the same chemical structure as naturally mined gems.

At Anna's Purple Emerald, we would like to focus on the new Italian goldsmith workshop where traditional Italian techniques and sustainable minds coexist and support their activities.

Since it is made-to-order handmade jewelry, it will be received in small lots.


The culture of Italian goldsmithing and jewelry dates back to ancient Roman times.

Ancient Roman jewelery was very gorgeous due to the sophisticated and elaborate techniques of the Etruscans and the mighty power of the Roman Catholic Church.The combination of diverse cultural influences, incorporating European, Egyptian, North African and Eastern styles, reflected its dominant position and overwhelming wealth.For ancient Roman jewelery, precious gemstones were the first choice, and gold was lavishly spent on all works.

Renaissance Italian jewelery was also very lively and overly ornate.There were many craftsmen who were trained as goldsmiths.Wealthy patrons funded these artistic talents and believed them like God as beautiful creators.As a result, the jewelery created emphasized excessive flashiness and religious merits.The sponsor, Cosimo de'Medici, owns the most impressive and private collection of jewelery in the world.

The Italians were known for creating incredibly detailed gold chains.The interlocking link, which is a characteristic of chains, was invented with the advancement of jewelry production technology.Styles include different types of Italian chains such as "Figaro", "Spiga", "Venetian" and "Anchor" chains.These were invented not only because the Italian goldsmiths were very talented, but also to ornately decorate the Catholic rosary.The Italian Gold Chain is renowned not only for its craft beauty, but also for its delicacy and durability.

In this way, knowing the history of Italian jewelery, you can understand the basis of its beauty. The concept of Anna's Purple Emerald is to introduce you to practical jewelry that you can enjoy on a daily basis from a sustainable perspective.As with the previous concept, the intention of this new collection is to highlight the handicraft industry and support business continuity by purchasing from a small workshop that is not mass-produced.

This time, in Rome, Italy, I bought several pieces of jewelry directly from a goldsmith who runs a designer and workshop.All jewelery is made to order and handmade.Therefore, it is difficult to receive it immediately, and we would appreciate it if you could understand that the quantity is limited.

We hope that Italian goldsmith jewelery will play an active role in your daily life.


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