New Bracelet by De Luca Giovanni

New Bracelet by De Luca Giovanni

Handmade bracelets from the goldsmith "De Luca Giovanni" in Lecce, Apulia, located at the southern tip of Italy, have arrived.

Italian jewelery has a long history dating back to Roman times.The basic construction follows the process of skillfully setting 18K gold on the base metal and various precious and semi-precious stones.Well-established goldsmith workshops, including some high-end brands, are constantly incorporating new technologies and materials to produce jewelery that suits more modern fashion.

De Luca also has a lot of jewelry that incorporates new materials, but basically we use abundant natural stones and semi-precious stones to create jewelry of various designs while maintaining classical elements.

In the last arrival, the bold and brilliant bracelet attracted attention.Jewelery with seasonal patterns and consciousness of arms and hands is popular.This time, there are many gorgeous bracelets that use plenty of natural stones.

Please take a look at the collection. (This collection is a product with a new tag by a craftsman in the workshop.)


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