New Arrivals From UK & USA

New Arrivals From UK & USA

Thank you for visiting our store.

Beautiful jewelry has arrived from the UK and USA where you can fully enjoy the old vintage.

In particular, for antique items, we have listed two brooches with a gentle impression that were made during the Art Nouveau period and have a motif of nature.

Both items represent homage to plants and marine life and convey the mood of the time in the midst of the "Arts & Crafts" movement.


In addition, we have listed two necklaces with a gentle and feminine atmosphere.It is characterized by the dampness of the rainy season and the glossy appearance that shines in the mist.

For the ring, we have listed two refreshing items with green natural stones set.

In particular, the combination of white gold and green sapphire creates a cool hand in the coming season, giving off a cool glow.


Other than that, the popular Opaline glass pierced earrings, candy-like German orange lucite rings, and antique belt buckle tie pins (scarf cravat) give off a nice personality. ..

Please take a look at the collection.

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