New arrivals from UK

New arrivals from UK


For the first time in a long time, the UK collection is all precious and special!

The theme of this collection, which mainly collects Victorian design jewelry, is “LOVE”.

This is the perfect selection for those who want to style their hair from the lingering summer heat to autumn with a little special jewelry, and for those who like lovely jewelry.Every item is full of special feeling that enhances your femininity.

My favorite is the garnet and pearl ring.

Not only is it cute, but it is highly likely that you won't find another piece of genuine Victorian jewelry in such good condition.Also, due to the current soaring price of pearls, I can't afford a brand new ring with plenty of pearls like this.This ring is an almighty ring that can meet both pearl and garnet lovers.I'm sure you'll do a great job.

Our second pick is the Morpho Butterfly Wing Bracelet.

A genuine art deco bijou produced in the 1930s,Luxurious design with six linked circles of Morpho Butterfly Wings.It is very likely that you will never find it again.Because the Morpho butterfly was declining due to overfishing, it was added to the "Red List" in 6,Designated as an endangered species.Therefore, it is a butterfly that cannot be collected now.Because such bracelets use a lot of butterfly wings, it is likely that they were originally produced in small quantities.Eyes are drawn not only to the rarity, but also to the beautiful blue that combines bewitching and elegance.


Victorian jewelry full of "LOVE".It will surely expand your style and view of the world. . .


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