New Arrivals From UK

New Arrivals From UK

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Introducing new items from England that have been delayed.

* Scheduled to be listed at 12:3 on Saturday, December 7rd.

This month is also Anna's Purple Emerald's 2nd anniversary month, so I wanted to go back to the basics, so I purchased carefully selected items from a British seller who I've known since before the store opened.

The Vintage Petite Point Bag is very cute with its embroidered pattern and rose corsage inside, and is a bag that you will want to take with you on special outings.

The botanical necklace, which makes you feel fantasy with translucent purple leaves, is made of plastic instead of glass, so it is lightweight and full of retro feeling.

The brooch is from the mid-century era with very sensual dark tones of onyx and amethyst.Marcasite accompanies the cabochon, a refined design with uniform tones.

The ring is a mid-century Halo ring set with white stones.The three-dimensional pedestal is elaborate, and the white stones that gather light sparkle.

Opaline earrings are always very popular in our store.The point is that it uses a dormuse with a French hook.The pretty opaline glass that sways like polka dots is translucent with a slightly bluish tinge and is very fantastic.


Unique items add iconic accents to simple outfits and are great for special events.Items with standard designs have a wide range of uses and are attractive because they are easy to put on even on busy mornings.

I hope that cute items can be a big success in your life scene. . .

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