New Arrivals From Italy

New Arrivals From Italy

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Autumn jewelry has arrived from Italy.

A lineup of calm tones such as gold, orange, blue, purple, red, and yellow.

A design that is easy to incorporate into everyday life with popular earth colors and botanical motifs in mind.It's all costume jewelry, so it's also a point that you can use it for heavy use at a simple price.

It's a European size, so I think it's easy to wear even for small Japanese people.

It has enough personality to coordinate with items you have, change clothes, and enjoy the atmosphere for Italian lovers.

All are eligible for the current Costume Jewelery Special Sale.

Scheduled to be listed at 9:19 on September 20th.Be sure to check out the "New Arrivals From Italy" collection.


"New Arrivals From Italy" collectionplease use this form.


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