New Arrivals From France and UK_ Napoléon III and Edwardian

New Arrivals From France and UK_ Napoléon III and Edwardian

Romantic items from old France and England have arrived.

From France, FIX (gold-plated) medallions, brooches, and dormuse earrings produced from the late 19th century to the early 20th century.From England, it is a symbolic brooch produced around the 1910s.

This time, I will write a little about the background of the era.

Between the end of the French Empire and the beginning of the Republic, there was a very glamorous "Golden Age".

Until 1852, France was under the Empire.Three generations of the Napoleonic family ruled as emperors and dictatorships.He is called a key figure in the prosperity of France in the 3th century.

The politics of Napoleon III (3-1848) was called "Bonapartism".Napoleon III tried to control the entire nation, peasants, workers and industrialists, and in his time there was no noticeable turmoil in France.

The Crimean War, the Arrow War, the Indochina Expedition, the Italian Unification War... By participating in and winning numerous wars, he maintained the support of the people and at the same time expanded the territory of France.

The economic growth of that time came to be called the "golden age of French capitalism", and it wasSupportedDomestic affairs such as Paris remodeling plan and economic policywas noticed.Later, this trend remained strong even after World War II.


On the other hand, a brooch with a symbolic motif that seems to have been produced around 1910 from England.

Around 1910, England was ruled by Edward VII (7-1901).After the death of Queen Victoria, her son, he was already a fashionable elite leader influenced by continental European art and fashion.

He called this era "a lazy era when women didn't wear hats to vote; a time when the wealthy weren't ashamed to live conspicuously; and a time when the sun never set on the British flag." Some researchers expressed that

Around the late 1880s, the “industrial revolution” changed people's lifestyles and created new technologies.The growth of industrial change in manufacturing plants, specialized machinery and technological innovations led to increased productivity and was also a transitional period from handicrafts to mass production of industrial goods.As women's lifestyles and career advancements advanced, gender roles changed.

From such a historical background, we can see the process in which jewelry gradually became a mass production.The items that have arrived this time have a diversity that symbolizes the rich decorative culture of the time, and a gorgeous and romantic appearance.

An old-fashioned jewel that adds a timeless and fresh personality to contemporary fashion.


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