New Arrivals for Merry Christmas 2022!!

New Arrivals for Merry Christmas 2022!!

This time, we have unique antique and vintage items from England and France.

Two antique necklaces and an Edwardian tennis racket brooch from England.

The antique Chinese cloisonné and carnelian necklace features colorful symmetrical beads strung together with raw silk.

I hope you will enjoy the oriental beauty of colors.Antique & Vintage Brocante from France.

Antique medallions are from the 19th century and can hold photographs or small objects.

Other items include remade and repaired earrings, creole earrings, unique brooches and micro-mosaic scarf clips, tiny butterflies and coral glass necklaces.

Another Chinese antique is a jet and coral bead long necklace.Small beads are joined like nuts and linked by jets.

Every item is a fantasy-filled bijou with a unique design that makes you feel exoticism.Please enjoy the antique & vintage bijou suitable for calling a fashionable senior.

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