How to use the Hamburger Menu

How to use the Hamburger Menu

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Have you ever used the hamburger menu (three-line navigation menu) on the upper left of our site?

This video is a simple tutorial in about 1 minute on how to use the menu on our site.The same applies to smartphone sites, so please take a look.



[How to use the hamburger menu]


Hamburger menu(Three-line navigation menu on the upper left)Then click on the gem, age, or category you are interested in.

If you can't find the item you're looking for, click on the header (Anna's Purple Emerald logo) to return to the first screen.

You can also find information about shipping costs and gift packages.


Our shop is a small shop with only Web Site.

When you come to the store, it may take an unexpected amount of time to shop depending on the communication environment and the amount of data to be read.

Therefore, we are trying to improve the site speed and the functionality of the menu.We will continue to devise ways to avoid unnecessary data reading and enjoy comfortable shopping.

Please take advantage of the hamburger menu.

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