Heart of Flowers

Heart of Flowers

flowers in my heart


The name of the flower shop near the shop is "Hanaya".

The small shop on Gaien Nishi-dori is on the way from Nishi-Azabu to the front of Gaien, so I just checked what kind of flowers were on the way there, and on my way home, I had my eyes on the flowers. to buy.


In addition to cut flowers and potted plants selected according to the season, many ornamental pumpkins are lined up at this time of year.There is a wide variety of products that you will never get tired of visiting, such as fragrant roses, exotic flowers, and a wide variety of peony.


What I particularly like is that there are flowers that were planned to be discarded, such as "damaged", "large quantities", and "special prices" that are not handled by other shops.

"Kizumono" has scratches, insect bites, and partial discoloration on leaves and flowers.

"Large amount" literally means 10 or more bouquets, not sold individually.

For that reason, "bargains" do not meet the standards for selling at full price.

"It's a waste to throw away flowers that are sufficiently beautiful, fragrant and in good condition. I want to enjoy taking pictures and taking care of them." I usually buy flowers here.


When I was studying in Paris as a student, it was not a special thing to decorate or buy flowers, flowers were always everywhere.There were many gypsy child flower sellers on the roadsides, in restaurants and on the metro.One day, when I was waiting for a traffic light in the car, such a child knocked on the window and came to sell flowers.I was a little cautious, but when I saw the family who had taken care of me at the time open the window and happily bought flowers for me, I was surprised at first. I became a little embarrassed, and I felt my heart slowly warm up.


The sensations that flowers give us are truly unique, and I think most of them overlap with various feelings.The values ​​and sentimental feelings towards flowers remain unchanged no matter how much time passes.


I want Anna's Purple Emerald to be a store with such "flowers" that slowly melt your heart.

I once wrote on my blog, but there is a saying, ``If a woman lives in harmony with the seasons, she will always be beautiful.''

That's why I always keep flowers in my heart.-Heart of FlowersI want to cherish ".


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