About Ethical Life

About Ethical Life

In recent years, I often hear the word "Ethical Life".To put it simply, ethical life is "life based on ethical behavior."

It includes not only living while observing social rules, but also behavior that considers the environment and human rights.

However, it seems difficult to act with all things in mind, and if you do not understand why you need to do so, you will not be able to act convincingly.


For example, the Ministry of Tourism proposes "MY Action Declaration”Shows five action guidelines that are easy for children to understand.


  1. Eat locally-sourced foods and taste seasonal foods.
  2. Go out into nature, visit zoos, aquariums and botanical gardens and experience natural creatures.
  3. Feel the splendor of nature and the changing seasons, and convey it with photos, pictures, and sentences.
  4. Participate in local and national activities to protect "connections" with living things, nature, people and culture.
  5. Select and buy eco-friendly products with eco-labels.


The reason is stated as follows.


It is said that many creatures will soon disappear from the earth.

Our life is based on the connection with all living things.

First of all, know what you can do and try to act while having fun.

It supports our affluent life and the forest Satogawa Sea.


I have been as conscious as possible since I learned of this declaration in 2019.

Go to a place close to nature and the sea and enjoy the food harvested there.We also participate in "Foreign Hospitality Volunteers" with the desire to improve our relationship with society.And, in order to reduce power consumption as much as possible, I try to act in the morning.

The opening of a vintage jewelery store is one of the things that put this declaration into action.

"MY Action Declaration'The "SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)" that form the basis of are 17 grand goals.

It may take decades or even hundreds of years to complete all the items.

Therefore, if you act from what you can do from a familiar point of view, the range of your actions will gradually expand."Ethical life"IsI think it will come true.

We believe that choosing vintage jewelery can express your ethical appeal as your own charm, in addition to its texture, decorative appeal, and maturity over time and space.

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