Digital Contents Launch! Enjoy digital content.

Digital Contents Launch! Enjoy digital content.

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We are pleased to announce the release of our original digital contents. Digital Contents are visual and auditory data products that you can purchase and download to your mobile phone or computer to enjoy.

Photo Album Ver.1
[Anna's Purple Emerald Jewelery Image Photo Album ver.1
Customers who like the images and photos they created when they announced new items and new collections.Customers who can't see it in the store already, but want to see the products they liked in the past again.Customers who want to enjoy the world of vintage jewelry.This is a digital photo album that meets the needs of such people.
My Story
[My Story]
And about me, the owner, who has been receiving voices from customers for some time.Also, how did you come to open the store? XNUMX pages"My Story"I tried it.
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When you purchase a product for Digital Contents, you will receive an email with a link from the store.Click on it to download and enjoy.

* All digital contents are license protected and cannot be diverted without permission.

We will continue to announce Digital Contents from time to time.Please look forward to it.

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