Deutscher Schmuck-German jewelry

Deutscher Schmuck-German jewelry

Anna's Purple Emerald has introduced you to the charm of vintage jewelery from the UK, France, Italy, USA and Indo.

However, there are still many undeveloped fields.

Europe is a land under completely different conditions for us Japanese living in an island country, where various fundamental differences are fused.

It goes without saying that interest and curiosity arose, and that the various initiatives and activities that are the origin of the sustainable lifestyle have been led by European countries since the Stockholm Conference in 1972. It is no exaggeration to say. 

The vintage jewelery we focus on not only enriches our outfits and minds, but also helps us to understand and sympathize with our historical background and cultural qualities.

I thought that German jewelry could not be removed for that purpose. 

Historically, Germany is a people who migrated from the north (Scandinavian Peninsula) due to the "Germanic migration" from the 4th to 6th centuries.He is a military conqueror who has repeatedly invaded the Roman Empire with non-peaceful ironware and weapons without letters.Germany still has a different national character, just as Germans eat meat and beer, as opposed to Europeans who eat bread and wine.

The Procein royal family, who lost the battle with Napoleon in 1809, used jewelry and tableware in Royal Treasure to pay reparations.It is symbolic that it did not contain precious metals.They had different values ​​and were particularly good at metalworking. Jewelery made around the 18th century is labor intensive, with more delicate metalworking and sentimental hair jewelery, enamel work, etc. than expensive gems, as evidenced by the famous miniature gold work. The jewelery was highly evaluated, and the expression of affection was highly evaluated along with the technique and skill.

With this in mind, if you pick up German jewelery, you will find that it has a high level of technical skill.Especially the metalwork of each piece of jewelry is excellent.You can see it by paying attention to one small part.

This time, only a few carefully selected items are in stock, but we definitely want you to pick them up.

We will continue to inform you about German jewelry as soon as we find a good one.Please look forward to it.


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