Costume Jewelry Special Sale 15% OFF!!

Costume Jewelry Special Sale 15% OFF!!


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Because of its popularityWe will continue to power up the "Costume Jewelry Sale" that is currently being held.

For those who are wondering whether to buy the item they are interested in, those who do not have the right timing, or those who do not know the sale, you can afford to shop.


[Costume Jewelry Special Sale! ]

Summary: 15% off vintage costume jewelry (* 1)

Applicable: Target products will be displayed at a discounted price (* 2)


* 1. Excluding antiques (some products are available), fine jewelry (precious metals and jewelry sets), and handmade accessories.

* 2. Can be used with coupons


Please take this opportunity to get the items you care about!


The costume jewelry collectionplease use this form.

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