Coming Soon... Collezione Laboratorio Orafo Italiano

Coming Soon... Collezione Laboratorio Orafo Italiano

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This time, we have received traditional filigree jewelry made by hand at a workshop in Sardinia, the southernmost island of Italy.

Filigree produced only in Sardinia, called "Filigrana Sarda", is a delicate traditional craft that connects tiny grain-like gold (or silver) pieces called "Canotigli", like spheres. is.

An old legend says so.

Rings made by the fairies "Janas", who live in houses carved into the rock called "Domus de Janas", weave gold and silver threads into jewellery, sometimes adorning it with jewels. . . .

Two styles of Anello Filigrana Sarda (Sardinian Filigree Ring) and Orecchini Filigrana Sarda (Sardinian Pierced Earrings) are now available.

The vermeil ring has an adjustable size, so you can enjoy wearing it on your favorite finger according to various occasions.With a design that you will never get tired of, it is a ring that you will be attached to for a long time, even as you age.

Pierced earrings are elegantly designed with vermeil filigree in a flower shape.The top is decorated with a filigree that is joined together like a flower, and is slightly larger than the original.The cabochons are linked with luxurious canotilli.These classy pierced earrings have elegant gold flowers that sway around your face.

Each workshop has its own style and competes for individuality.

This workshop also inherits the traditional Filigrana Sarda, spares no effort in new design challenges and quality improvement, and continues to deliver its beautiful jewelry to us today.

Listing in the collection is scheduled for 11:5 on Saturday, November 7th.

Please look forward to it.


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