Basic Jewels for Daily Use

Basic Jewels for Daily Use

A basic jewel for everyday use.

We have selected basic jewelry that can be worn every day.

In addition to the design and color, the structural part is also an important point to make it easy to put on even in a busy morning.

  • Durable enough for heavy use
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • A timeless design
  • Light and comfortable
  • Easy to clean

It is the simple type of jewelery that fills them.

Vintage 1960s Bracelet Plaqué Or Maille Gourmet ¥19,360

A high quality French curved chain bracelet.The bright gold color, which is a very good quality gold-plated copper, shines softly.The slightly thick chain wraps around your wrist flexibly and feels moist.

Vintage・1980s・KREMENTZ・Collier de Pearl・Nacre・Brelock・Or Strass ¥13,460

The tiny fake pearls are carefully connected one by one with raw silk, and the charm of the spade sways in the center, making it a very high-quality necklace.The necklace weighs only 16g and is nice to enjoy alone, but I think it's also nice to layer it with your gold necklace.

Bijou Ariage Argente Boucle Dreille Crystal Earrings (Left) ¥6,350

The round brilliant-cut crystal glass shines like a flash of fine facets that reflect light.In addition, the pedestal part of the crystal is treated with open work metal like lace, and a small crystal glass is set on the front part of the hook, making it very gorgeous.

2000s Aquamarine Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings (Right) ¥7,150

A beautiful pair of minimalist earrings in sterling silver with XNUMX aquamarine claw settings.The open-back aquamarine is bright blue and flashes with the lustrous sterling silver.

Sterling Silver Created Diamond Full Eternity Ring ¥31,900

Created diamonds have a perfect brilliant cut, high clarity, and sparkle very well.Approximately 2mm size 1ct stones are open backed and channel set for seamless construction.It seems to be very useful as a stacker ring that you can enjoy stacking.


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