Art Deco and Pastoral Style

Art Deco and Pastoral Style

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Vintage and antique items can sometimes look very fresh and strangely modern fashion.

On the other hand, I can't deny that I'm approaching my vintage age, and I'm starting to look better with slightly faded and aged items than new glittering ones.

This time, we will introduce the original styles of the Art Deco style and the Pastoral style that were popular around 1920-1930.The outfit pictured above is an easy Art Deco and Pastoral style paired with a rough black top.

Art Deco is characterized by clear and recognizable colors, symmetrical geometric shapes, and organic curves that emphasize them.Women in those days enjoyed an urban fashion with short hair, shading, and casual dresses with lace and fringes and smoking cigarettes.

On the other hand, pastoral is an artistic activity that expresses the natural beauty and idyllic scenery of the countryside, and expresses extremely natural forms and natural beauty.Many pastoral-themed works can be seen in the "LOUVRE" exhibition currently being held at the New National Museum of Art.There are many emotional paintings, and nature seems to have been regarded as a romantic subject among human activities in Europe at the time.

The store'sコ レ ク シ ョ ンNow, we have listed several items that are characteristic of these two, mainly as antiques from France and England.

Please take a look at our adult jewelry that adds a touch of maturity and class to your usual style.

Collection line-up

[Art Deco]

1. Antique 1930s Art Deco Natural Coral Beads & French Jet Flapper Necklace ¥43,560

2. Antique 1920s Art Deco Riviera Emerald Paste Festoon Necklace ¥18,700

3. Antique 1920s Art Deco Flower and Purple Glass Pierced Earrings ¥20,570

4. Vintage 1976 9ct Gold Botanical Diamond Ring ¥35,090

5. Antique 1916 9ct Rose Gold Lavender Purple Amethyst and Diamond Boat Ring ¥96,140


1. Antique 1910s French Flower Lace Silk Shawl ¥19,140

2. Antique mother of pearl brooch ¥7,370

3. Vintage circa 1930 black beaded jumper necklace ¥9,680

4. Vintage Liberty of London purple and ivoryFloral scarf ¥16,830

5. Vintage Art Deco Grass Scottie Dog Brooch ¥16,500

6. Vintage 1930s Opaline Glass Beadsnecklace ¥9,260

7. Vintage opaline glass pierced earrings ¥7,150

8. Vintage 1930s Thomas L Mott Butterfly Wing Bar Brooch ¥11,990

9. Antique 1927 marcasite, pale blue topaz beautiful brooch ¥19,250


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