Anna's Purple Emerald & Sustainable Lifestyle

Anna's Purple Emerald & Sustainable Lifestyle

We have posted a video on our website about the reasons and background of our store's sustainable lifestyle, as well as its efforts and specific sustainable activities.There is a link to the video in the second "sea image" from the bottom of the shop's HP. (Transition to You Tube from the link below.)


Please take a look.


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・ Sustainable Activity with Corona

 (Sustainable Activity with Corona)


Sustainable lifestyle is not a transient fashion, but an "individual life" that coexists with society while being conscious of it continuously.


Jewelery and fashion are just one factor in enhancing the quality of life: the "Quarity of Life".In the era of Corona, we have thought about ways to enjoy life in our own way, avoiding unnecessary and unurgent going out, and summarized it in this video.


Our shop provides a mechanism to realize a sustainable lifestyle through shopping.


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