Winners decided !! "Anna's Purple Emerald Summer Fest Rewards !!"

Winners decided !! "Anna's Purple Emerald Summer Fest Rewards !!"

Thank you for visiting our store.

This time, a strict lottery was held, and the winners of "Anna's Purple Emerald Summer Fest Rewards !!" were decided.

Winners will receive a jewelry box in the near future by Yu-Pack.

Winners will be notified of the winning by delivering the jewelry box.

Thank you for your understanding.

Thank you for purchasing this product from many customers.


[Anna's Purple Emerald Summer Fest 2021 Reward]

Customers who shop at the summer sale held from July 7th to the end of August will receive a 20% discount and a lottery gift plan.

The present is a vintage French jewelry box.

Please take this opportunity to get the items you care about.

* The present lottery is for customers who have purchased over ¥ 25,000.


【Contents of present】

Vintage French jewelry box

-Length: 12 cm (cm); Width: 12 cm (cm); Height: 6 cm (cm)

・ Material: Wood, fabric

-Description: The French jewelry box is a hexagonal hexagon.A charming flower pattern is hand-painted on the surface of the lid, and the letters "St. Aubin" can be seen.Inside is a sky blue silk quilt interior.There is a metal clasp on the front to secure the lid.Probably produced in the Burgundy region of France in the first half of the 20th century.A nice French chateau style jewelry box.Please leave it in your private room.

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