About change of delivery method and options

About change of delivery method and options

Thank you for your continued support.

This time, we will add options and price ranges for delivery methods.

For customers who have been patronizing us for a long time, we have added the option of Japan Post and special record from the two options of Eco delivery and gift delivery, so you can shop with more peace of mind than ever before. Now you can enjoy it.

We will also revise our gift packaging and prepare an even more uplifting presentation for your special event.

As for the options, we propose the following variations.


[Revision details]

[Gift Package]

We will review the packaging method so far, wrap it in a box with cushioning material, wrap it in recycled gift paper, and tie it with a ribbon. Free service for purchases over 20,000 yen.

In addition, in the case of shopping less than 20,000 yen, options can be added for a flat rate of 300 yen.You can choose on the checkout screen.

* We will inform you about the gift package exterior on the blog at a later date.


[Japan Post/Specific Record/Simple Packaging]

The item will be wrapped in non-woven fabric and delivered in a box with cushioning material.It's not a gift package, it's a simple and minimal packaging. Free shipping for purchases over 10,000 yen.

For purchases under 10,000 yen, a uniform shipping fee of 280 yen will be charged.You can choose on the checkout screen.


[Eco delivery]

The conventional Eco pouch is also used.As before, this service is free for purchases of 5,000 yen or more.

For purchases under 5,000 yen, a uniform charge of 198 yen will be charged. (Pouch must be returned) You can choose the shipping method on the checkout screen.

*About Eco delivery Click here for more information.


We hope you continue to enjoy Anna's Purple Emerald and the Easy Sustainable Lifestyle.

Thank you very much.

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